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Consign with Us
Consign with Us

Invitation to Consign – Vintage Pu-er and Premium Tea

Pu-er teas are making a mark for themselves in Hong Kong’s auction scene, with investors and collectors paying record prices for rare and high-quality vintage pu-er. We welcome consignments throughout the year, with our experts offering complimentary consultation and valuation on your tea collection. 

L&H understands the pulse of the market and is fast in responding to the collecting needs of tea lovers and connoisseurs, our global client base also ensures an expansive sale network for your treasures on a 'no sale, no fee' basisPlease send us photos of your collection and quantity details in advance through one of the following ways:

Instant Customer Service
*Please send images of the front and back of the tea collection and do not unwrap the packaging


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